Glorious Christ


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The radiance of the Father
Before the dawn of time
You spoke and all creation came to be
The molecules and planets
Reveal Your great design
And every one was made so we could see
So we could see

You are the glorious Christ
The greatest of all delights
Your power is unequaled
Your love beyond all heights
No greater sacrifice
Than when You laid down Your life
We join the song of angels
Who praise You day and night
Glorious Christ

You left the air of heaven
To breathe the dust of earth
And dwell among the outcast and the poor
You came to be forsaken
And died to take our curse
So You could be our joy forevermore

You’re seated now in heaven
Enthroned at God’s right hand
You’ve shattered death and freed us
From our fears  
And though we cannot see You
You’re coming back again
And all will be made right when You appear
And all will be made right when You appear

© 2012 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)

El resplandor del Padre
Desde la eternidad
Por tu Palabra todo hecho fue
Las cosas que creaste
Revelan tu obrar
Y todo Tú lo hiciste para que
Podamos ver

Glorioso eres, Jesús
El mayor deleite, Tú
Poder inigualable
Tu amor no tiene fin
No hay sacrificio igual
Viniste a tu vida dar
Día y noche nos unimos
Al canto celestial
Glorioso Jesús

El polvo de la tierra
Viniste a respirar
Y con el quebrantado a habitar
Tú fuiste rechazado
Te hiciste maldición
Serás mi gozo por la eternidad
La eternidad

Estás sentado en gloria
A la diestra de Dios
La muerte Tú venciste
Y nos salvaste
Y aunque no puedo verte
Un día regresarás
Y todo enmendarás, al Tú venir
Y todo enmendarás, al Tú venir

 © 2012 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)

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