Endless Praises


Listen to This Song.

Look upon this fearful scene
The King of Love nailed to a tree
The Prince of Glory made to bleed
Hear the pardon that He speaks
“Forgive them” is His plea
Where has love like this been seen

Let us lift up endless praises
Let us give Him endless song
Let us lift up endless praises
Let us sing of all He’s done
Let us sing of all our God has done

Look upon this wondrous sight
Foul sinners clothed in white
With the righteousness of Christ
All our guilt is washed away
Every debt we owed is paid
How astounding is this grace

A thousand ages is not long enough
To tell the glories of the Son
Forever we will sing
Redemption’s song
And of the victory You’ve won

© 2003 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI).

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