Behold Our God (Over land, sky, and sea)


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Over land, sky, and sea

Over man’s great thoughts and dreams
God sits high on His throne, ruling history
Nations rage, wars unfold
Men seek pow’r they cannot hold
God regards their strength with scorn
Less than nothing
So when I fear what I don’t understand
I’ll trust the One who holds the world in His hands

Behold our God! Sovereign and good
Matchless in power, the King over all the earth
Fear not, my soul! Trust in His plan
Over all the world, God reigns
Behold our God

Over sin’s curse on me
Over laws I could not keep
God, the Judge has declared all my debts relieved
Sin remains close at hand
Pressing in with its demands
But in my Savior’s risen life
I find victory
So when I’m faced with guilt and sin’s domain
I’ll trust the One whose death has broken my chains

© 2008 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)

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