Because You First Loved Me


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Love is patient, love is kind
Everywhere and every time
It gives its place in line
To serve another
But my heart it struggles so
I need Your grace to grow
Lord, help me give and show
This love to others
Jesus, set me free to love unselfishly

Because You first loved me
I can love You
With all my heart
Because You first loved me
I’ll love others too
The way You do
I’ll love them too

When I love, it looks like this:
It always gives and gives
To God and then it lives
To help my neighbor
That’s a love I haven’t got
It’s me I love a lot
Stuck here I’m tied in knots
I need a Savior
Jesus, set me free to love You more than me

© 2009 Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP)

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